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Raritan Building Services Corporation

About Raritan Building Services Corp.

Corporate Profile

A track record of excellence

Established in 1991, Raritan Building Services Corp. (RBSC) provides quality janitorial maintenance services in New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania. Customer by customer, RBSC has built long-term partnerships by providing consistent and reliable professional service that sets the bar for quality.

  • Raritan Building Services Corp. (RBSC) is a privately held corporation.
  • RBSC leases a total of 8,500 sq. ft. of warehouse/office space in New Jersey.
  • RBCS provides non-union labor totaling approximately 600+ custodians including floor care specialist and equipment technicians.
  • RBSC continually enhances management programs to provide optimal levels of cleanliness and care while operating well within the customers budget constraints.
RBSC experienced management team is key to our successful service organization, where equal attention is given to the selection of human resources and training.

The skill, expertise and dedication of RBSC's team of professionals that take great pride in a job well done has provided the foundation for their continued growth as they "make their customers shine".


The RBSC vision statement

Developing long-term partnerships with our clients by building a solid foundation of consistency and reliability as we continue to anticipate and fulfill their needs;

Cultivating an atmosphere of harmony and stability for our employees where teamwork and open lines of communication will yield rewards of growth and prosperity;

Harnessing the knowledge, skill-set, of our fine team in order to provide janitorial services to our clients that transcends the standard level of expectations and propels us to leadership in the industry.

The Raritan Building Services Team

Steve Klug - Pesident

Steve Klug


Steve Klug has been in the janitorial industry for more than 25 years and is the sole founder of Raritan Building Services Corp. (RBSC). Following in his late father’s footprints, at an early age, learned the business from the ground up prior and during his college years. After achieving his Bachelor of Science degree in finance and economics, Steve Klug, harnessed his entrepreneurial insight and started RBSC with his own capital and as the sole employee of the company. He worked as a sales person by day and a janitor at night. His industry experience and the core value of college education together shaped his passionate desire to carve out a thriving business.

Today, Steve Klug continues to actively be involved in all facets of the company. He takes great pride in fostering on-going partnerships with his client mindful of the ever changing economical climate as it relates to services provided by RBSC.

Maggie Ramos - Vice President, Operations

Maggie Ramos

Vice President, Operations

Maggie Ramos has been with Raritan Building Services Corp. since its inception in 1991, and is at the head of all operations activities in the company. Mrs. Ramos has a proven track record of leadership in her career in building maintenance. Her attention to detail in all phases of cleaning and governing is what has propelled her to the top rungs of this industry.

Linda DaSilva - General Sales Manager

Linda DaSilva

General Sales Manager

Linda DaSilva has been a part of Raritan Building Services Corp. since 2001. As the company’s sales manager she leads the expansion of the company’s customer base in all 4 sectors of our business model. Her unique ability to unite the main functions of the operations, financial, and administrative arms of the company set the team’s footing on a common path to excellence in the industry.

Leo Menard -  Controller

Leo Menard


Leo Menard joined Raritan Building Services Corp. in 2008. Mr. Menard is a graduate of William Paterson University and The Stonier Graduate School of Banking. He brings 20 years experience in banking and finance to RBSC. As part of the management team, his focus is to streamline the financial, sales, operations and administration functions of the company to assure the best possible service to our customers.

Bobby Stirone

Vice President Business Development

Bobby Stirone has been in the building services industry for 12 years. In that time he has served as a Sales Executive and then as Major Accounts Manager and as such has grown accustomed to holding many relationships with clients. He has been involved with BOMA since his inception into the industry. He has been involved in all aspects of the business.

Prior to his time in the Building Service Industry he was with Merrill Lynch for 21 years as a collateral manager financing world banks on a daily basis and holding many relationships with clients and customers alike.

Robert holds a in BA Marketing and Management from Saint Peters College in Jersey City.